Grant Hackett Overweight?

Some are asking if Grant Hackett is overweight Is he fat

No way!

Previously I write about eating disorders in sport .

Now in the Australian media they're asking if Grant Hacktett is fat due to his recent failure to qualify for the new Olympic 10 kilometre swim (really it was due to some justified feisty maneuvers that Grant Hackett was well justified to take that he got disqualified)

Grant Hackett isn't fat.

Check out this photo of him the other day:

grant hackett fat

Grant Hackett is not fat but he may not be that healthy. Elite athletes push their bodies to the limit and often have health problems especially if they're marathon runners .

But this is the exact kind of stupid media publicity that has led to eating disorders. This is the same dumb Australian media that hassled Serena Williams about her weight .

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