XHTML CSS Australia

Sites Using XHTML and CSS

Here's a list of cool looking sites that comply with XHTML and CSS web standards 15 Apr 2005

Usable Designs

Chugs Designs Home Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things Gizmodo kottke.org home of fine hypertext products

Airbag The Sixth Incredible.

Bluejake: Five Points 2 Gothamist lightningfield.com photo weblog Marginal Revolution

The Morning News

plasticbag.org weblog bitter pill: pure evil matt jones CV Daring Fireball

Design Observer: writings about design & culture dooce linkbunnies.org Mark Simonson Studio Notebook

Mike Davidson Interactive Design, Print Design, Brand Consulting Friendster Stacked Six Apart Partners mr. nice guy A design and usability blog: Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

The Superficial Because You're Ugly v-2 studies observations beauty. utility. balance. What Do I Know LE TIGRE COLLECTION & CONTESTS (FLASH) Pitchfork

Carthiks Blog Something Awful The Internet Makes You Stupid

Gawker Sekimori Design Television Without Pity

Fairvue Central >> Designs Fairvue Central >> Blogalia >> Do You Know These Bloggers Whitespace SitePoint - Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce and Content Management Systems Melbourne, Australia

Hitwise Competitive Intelligence - Hitwise Mike Davidson: ABC News Redesigns adaptive path user experience consulting, events, and reports

NPR : National Public Radio : News, Arts, World, US.

9rules Network

Better Landscaping Stylegala design css standards Business Logs Design is communication. Communication is Business Logs. The Car Blog Rants and opinions about the world of automobiles.

The Chef Vault

Corkforce.com The Powertools Vault The RoeDesign, Business, Geek TheUberGeeks.net

Web Drug Database Hire me (or at least take a look at my new portfolio) - by John Zeratsky THE LOAD decaffeinated overpunctuated. underinformed. elizard


Mike Rundle's weblog and portfolio.

Zooiblog W3 Compliant Sites Sites designed to comply with W3C Web Standards


Feed me better Calvin Klein Underwear for Men and Women Available Online Direct from CKU

Bryan Buchs, llc Web Design and Development

CCI SAP Stu Nicholls The CSS Playground

Leo Prieto is SPOON

Saborizante RM Menu de la Semana para Santiago y la Region Metropolitana Chile badboy media design Rob Weychert Front Page

Quo Consulting branding, advertising, web design and e-business solutions and applications Massive Media e-Business and Web Design Bradford Leeds, Yorkshire

International Christian Response Joshuaink Stuart Row Landscapes, Inc. Professional Landscaping for Knoxville, Tennessee

The Big Noob a Neubix Studios production.

Gr, Mudanzas y Transportes en Monterrey Grs Corsa

etherfarm Synapse Everything Tori Home Jon Burgerman Work

Taxi al centro Sube y te llevar

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Sites Using XHTML and CSS

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