Wordpress Video Plugin Search Pop N Code

In your Wordpress Editor, Ajax Search For Video's, Get Code and Paste in Your Post

Video Search Pop N Code is a plugin I made which allows you to:

  • search for videos within your wordpress editor using Google Ajax Search
  • watch the video within your wordpress editor
  • get the embed code and paste it into your post
  • format your post properly

Video Search Pop N Code will then make sure the video code works when viewers read your post.


Features (Click Images to Enlarge)

A Google Ajax Video Search Control is embedded into your Wordpress editor which allows you to search for videos without refreshing your editor page.

Video Wordpress Plugin

A selection of videos are presented. When you click on an image the video will pop up and play without refreshing your editor.

wordpress video search ajax plugin embed

You can see what the video pop up looks like here:

video pop up

When you click on a video changes in the pop up on the fly.

click on the video and watch different videos

When you see a video you like, copy the code.

get copy video embed code youtube

Click on "Done Watching" to close the pop up.

close the video pop up

Paste the code into your Wordpress editor.

paste embed code into wordpress editor

Video Search Pop N Code formats your video properly.

format the video embed code wordpress plugin

An admin section to place your Google Ajax Search Api and your video options.

video wordpress plugin admin

Download: Click Here to Download

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


  1. Copy the entire /video-search-pop-n-code/ into your wordpress plugins folder, normally located in /wp-content/plugins/ (Mu version coming soon)
  2. Login to Wordpress Admin and activate the plugin
  3. Click on settings then click on the link in the menu which says 'VideoSearchPopNCode
  4. Using the link provided on the admin page sign up for a Google Search API key.
  5. Place the Google API Key into your API field and press Update

As you watch a video within your editor you can see a bit of code to copy and paste. A wordpress player can be embedded in a post using a tag of the following


e.g. &91youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watchv=Jb1_h9bguvI&93

The URL is the url found on YouTube for a particular video.

You can also set the dimensions:

&91youtube:URL WIDTH HEIGHT&93

e.g. &91youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watchv=Jb1_h9bguvI 300 200&93

Same tag format for Google Vidoes but with googlevideo instead of youtube e.g. &91googlevideo:URL&93

You can also set global options such as size and border colors in the Video Search Pop N Code option menu.

License: GPL

Credits: Google and Paul M Bain

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