Sundermann Turbine - Cheap Alternative Energy

The Sundermann Turbine sets itself apart from other hydro electrical turbines in its ability to create electricity efficiently out of low grade water flows which means an incredibly cheap, renewable, and easily deployable form of electricity generation.

Where as other hydro electrical turbines rely on high pressure water flows the Sundermann Turbine can be deployed in low pressure water flow situations such as, tidal flows, rivers and streams.

It can also be produced in varying sizes (1kW upwards) making it perfect for situations ranging from small third world to modern industrial.

The inventor says the way water is trapped by the S-Turbine it cannot escape without being turned into energy.

Fred Sundermann also says:

"It's ideal for third world countries not only because of its low cost of manufacture, but also it does not need high water pressure.

"It could, for example, be placed in an inland waterway and one unit could provide sufficient lighting power for a whole small village."

Rumour has it - in terms of efficiency and cost it out performs solar, and wind - plus it runs all day.

Big plans are also on the table in Victoria Australia where 36 of the turbines could be installed under 25 meters of water in the harbour of Port Phillip near Melbourne which could produce 1260 megawatts of power per hour or the equivalent of a medium sized coal-fired power station.

Weir Services would like to build a $300,000 prototype but will not without government grant help from the Australian federal or state governments.

The Sundermann Turbine offers great opportunities for both developed and undeveloped countries. Visit here for more info .

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