Marion Jones Jailed

marion jones jailed

I was disappointed to see Marion Jones jailed for lying and taking steroids. She was involved in some check fraud with other athletes, and depending on her level of involvement that could certainly warrant jail time. However the judge has said that her jail time is for lying to the Federal Government and taking steroids.

The medals she won have been restored to their rightful owners and her short period of fame has now turned to infamy.

A fine, community service, stripping her of her medals, and the humiliation ought to be enough - rather than sending a mother of two young children to jail.

There are thousands of kids in US High Schools taking steroids and also many athletes in competitive sports throughout the world.

I'm not saying its right, but it is rife throughout competitive sports. And most people lie about something at some stage in there life. So giving Marion Jones a jail sentence for lying and taking steroids seems inequitable. It simply seems like a witch hunt.

This is a completely victimless crime and Marion Jones is no threat to society.

Steroids also have negligible benefits and lots of downsides. If you take steroids you are a cheat and fool, but you shouldn't go to jail. A fine, community service, and the humiliation is enough.


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