Donald Thomas New World High Jump Champion Osaka Video

Donald Thomas jumped 2.35 m High Jump in Osaka to become the world champion after only taking up the sport in 2006 - just last year. Check this video to see him winning.

This guy is amazing to have gone from never being a high jumper to within little over a year becoming a world champion.

You can see him in the photo with silver medal winner Russia's Yaroslav Rybakov, left, and bronze medal winner Cyprus' Kyriakos Ioannou - these guys have probably been practicing their whole lives.

This man from Bahamas used to be a basketball player and took the sport up on a whim winning his first event in basketball shoes.

One thing I noticed is Don Thomas is quite a bit more robust in build compared to these other guys. High Jump is a fast twitch muscle event and most of these competitors in the high jump look like skinny marathon runners - which makes you wonder about their training.

Maybe there is a theory about jumping higher requires you to be as light as possible to jump higher. Interestingly when Jonah Lomu was playing for the All Blacks at 6 foot 5 and 260 pounds he had the highest standing jump and was fastest over 10 metres, 40 metres, and 100 metres. So even though he was a massive guy he still had the power to weight ratio to be the most agile.

Donald Thomas is an amazing guy - was it his bigger muscled frame with more fast twitch fibres which helped him become so dominant in such a short amount of time

Here's a photo gallery of DonaldThomas .

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