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Big Brother is 'Reality' TV which teachs society to create winners and losers out of talentless peop...

In the age of celebrity worship nothing should really surprise us and yet I'm amazed at the popularity of the Big Brother show in Australia. Click here to read old big brother australia article version or here to read new version...

This show sucks so bad and yet it is a hit.

The amazing thing about this show is that some how the people on Big Brother are turned into winners and losers - for lazing around in a compound. Ultimately there is only one winner in Big Brother - and the rest are losers.

I confess I don't know what the winner gets but the plebs who watch this show get to reward and worship somebody who is not particularly talented for doing something not particularly useful.

Humans seem to need to worship something and with religion having been on a steady decline since the beginning of the 20th century now the worship has moved to celebrity and brands.

The prototype of the 21st century celebrity idol is of course Paris Hilton.

Back in the barbaric days of the 20th century a celebrity needed to excel in something worthwhile before they were admired on a wide scale.

Marlon Brando for acting.

Whitney Houston for singing.

Mike Tyson for boxing.

Of course these three celebrities had and have had their ups and downs, and some like a lot of other celebrities have fallen from grace.

What is undeniable about the above is the genuine talent they had for each of their respective crafts. At least some reality tv shows like American Idol have people on them with a respectable level of talent.

But what of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is in fact incredibly talented and clever - she recognized societies obsession with celebrity and controversy, then she brilliantly manipulated the media to achieve world wide fame.

She is not famous because she is rich and beautiful. There are plenty of other heiresses and heirs who are rich and beautiful who you have never heard of and never will.

She is using the ultimate success formula - find out what people already want and then give it to them.

I can't watch the execrable Big Brother long enough to know whether or not the winner of Big Brother is the person who manipulates the media resources available to them in the most effective way.

But one things for sure. The same reason why Paris Hilton is famous is the same reason why there will a winner of Big Brother...because that is what our society has become.

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Big Brother is 'Reality' TV which teachs society to create winners and losers out of talentless peop...

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